Ohh No!!

“Old and boring”.

Ohh no. Not at 26!!

Britney said she feels life’s ‘old and boring’. Since the time she went under custody of her father Britney sees a different side of life. Obviously now father’s controlling everything.

But comparing to those troubled times Britney had, it looks more stable now. When things are stable it can sometimes look ‘boring’, specially for a popular singer (star). No doubt there’s little excitement now in daily life. But it’s more organised and hope of Britney’s coming back might be the results of Dad’s intensive, sleepless guard. So the results are sweet. That’s the good thing here.

Nevertheless, feeling boring or dull and old before 30 is not sign of good mood. Britney can try to change her mood listening music from time to time. May be it can have a healing effect. 🙂

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