Skin Care During Pregnancy!

Aggravated hormone level brings about numerous changes to almost every part of woman’s body, from body structure to skin to overall health. A woman can look most entrancing and delightful during her pregnancy. And this is certainly not just an old wife’s tale; it’s a widely accepted truth. While some ladies look luscious during their pregnancies, for others, all the elevated hormonal levels can have entirely opposite effects, leading to many pregnancy skin problems.

On your countdown to motherhood variety of changes take place on your skin and even a slight change from normal on it is evident. There are many skincare products or tropical treatments can get absorbed into your skin and then into your baby’s. So skincare during this nine months countdown requires special attention.

Here are few skin changes that take place during pregnancy:

  • Acne: Don’t get surprised after you see a zit even when your skin is not prone to acne. Particularly around the mouth and chin, these are the most common areas for acne to occur during pregnancy. To avoid this keep your face cleans by washing it with mild cleanser. Strictly avoid using products containing retinoid; they are not safe during pregnancy. You can go for sulphur based tropical treatments that suit your skin.
  • Cholasma: Almost every woman notices brown patches on their cheeks, Nose Bridge, forehead and around the eyes. This is what you call ‘mask of pregnancy’ caused by the effects of progesterone and estrogen’s effects on melanin. One way to reduce then is avoid skin exposure to sunlight. These patches will automatically disappear once you deliver. But do not use any skin brightening cream to lighten the patches.

  • Stretch marks: Part of this problem is caused by body stretching and part is due to elevated hormonal level. These stretch marks are purple or pinkish in color and turn silver on their way to diminishing. There are many stretch marks removal creams but they should be applied after the delivery not before that. The best way to protect your skin from any further complications is to let them fade over time.

Varicose veins: Varicose veins and pregnancy go hand in hand. They are swollen blood vessels prominent in legs and lower half of the body. They swell above the surface of the skin and creative slight bulges in the legs. This occurs due to the extra blood produced by the body (to support both the lives). This put extra pressure on the blood vessels particularly on the legs which have to work against gravity to push blood to the heart. To prevent this you need to make sure that the blood is circulating thoroughly. Exercise is the only treatment to prevent varicose veins.

  • Dry, itchy skin: Pregnant women often complain about the dry and itchy skin all over their bodies. The reason is very obvious that all the body fluids are being used up by the growing fetus, depriving you of the essential amount of body fluids. To avoid this drink plenty of natural juices, eat juicy fruits and apply fragrance free moisturizer (only if recommended by your physician) or an antibacterial bath soap if necessary.

You need to be extremely careful during the most important phase of your life. So your skin care during your pre-motherhood period is not just a skin care but a healthy skin care.

*Author’s Bio: Abel Brion is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. He mainly covers topics related to health, fitness, Business and Natural skincare. He prefers natural remedies over quick fixes and has a list ready with most practical methods.

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