Say No to plastic bags

In one-week time China is going to join the countries that banned plastic bags. Currently Chinese carry about 3 billion bags each day. Multiply it with 365. It’s 1095 billion bags (>1 trillion) a year. Reuters news.

Plastic bags are made of the derivatives of petrochemicals. They are easy to carry, cheap or free, and finally serve us good. But that’s not the point. Afterwards when we dispose them of in waste bins or open areas, problems start from there.

Plastic bags are not biodegradable, that means they will not break down biologically. It will remain in the environment in the same form for several hundreds of years. There they will deteriorate the pollution problems and threaten the wildlife. Wild animals mistakenly taken them as food often suffer from fatal consequences. It’s painful. 😳 🙁 .

When thrown in the sewers, they will often clog the drains, and will create foul smell from the sewage and turn it into microbe’s homes.

Although many industries earn billions from the production and distribution of plastic bags, but for the sake of humanity, we need to ban them and look for better alternatives like paper bags which can easily degrade and assimilate in the environment.

Say No to plastic bags.

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