Ohh the D.kids..

Scientists are finding after findings after findings.

What finding?? ❓

– animals that ate (= enjoyed) the ‘dinosaurian kids’. 🙂

First it was the ancient ‘devil frog’ (they were living 65 to 70 Million years ago). The scientific name of this ‘King of Frogs’ is ‘Beelzebufo ampinga’. Since the discovery, they have been suspected to have eaten even the newborn dinos (more: Reuters). 😈

Now, it’s a huge flying reptile. These new heroes were grabbling the ‘D.kids’ from time to time while they felt the ‘urge of stomach’. They even may be stalked the land for the innocent kids.

Their name!!

– little bit hard to keep in mind, but never mind at least you read it once a life: Quetzalcoatlus. 😉 (more:LiveScience).

While in youtube we looked if there’s any video of the devil frog, but unfortunately we ended up with the ‘crazy frog’. 🙂

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