No fear from Tigers, but fear to lose them forever

Tigers are obviously terrifying if you meet one in the forest. You will lose your life and the tiger will get its meal. So what are you thinking?


Yes it’s danger but other way around, danger to lose such mighty creatures forever. Mighty and magnificent. Unfortunately a few of them may get notoriety preying upon humble villagers living nearby, but normally like snakes, tigers also avoid humans. For them, humans are terrifying. 🙂

Sunderbans located in the southwestern part of Bangladesh is the natural habitat of the ‘Royal Bengal Tigers’. 60% of the forest is in Bangladesh while the rest 40% is in the Indian part of West Bengal. It’s a mangrove forest.

Although a major portion of the Sunderbans is in Bangladesh but the number of estimated tigers are around 400, while in the Indian part, it’s about 1400.

As Reuters reported, a tiger’s skin can be sold up to $50,000 on the international market, so they are poacher’s best choices among many other animals from Sunderbans. Other than this, expansion of villages and towns encroaching parts of the mangrove forest is a potential threat to the tigers.

Prince Charles joined long before to the campaign of saving the Sunderbans and its wonderful creatures. Now, Indiana Jones joined as well. Hope, like his movies, Harrison Ford will do some amazing works and make some great actions that will bring the tigers population on the rise again.

Great walk with tigers, Jonsii!!

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