May be some oxygen in the team

The most recent election campaign of Senator John McCain is sponsoring an ad showing Barack Obam in the Celebrity line with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. But in which way it fits with the presidential campaign.

The ad shows Obama when he was in Berlin few days before. The crowd gathered there was unprecedented and no one expected something like this will happen. People are searching for a Saviour who will not talk of axis of evil or work against climate changes. People want to hear from someone in the highest position talking green and working green.

May be Senator McCain has grown too old to compete or stand for such high-profile political last-stop or may be it’s his fun to get some laughter as his team needs more oxygen to breathe deep into the lungs of election spirit.

However, Britney and Paris are much far away from our daily life. They are Celebrity for that they can entertain us but not Obama. Obama possibly will be a man who will have huge influences in our daily life regardless of in which continents we live.

Sources: Time

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