Is Cuil a success?

Yesterday Cuil, the new all black search engine, stood somewhere 200 on Alexa ranking, but today even much higher. Today’s Cuil’s Alexa position is 137. Wooaawww!! Moving very fast to the top. But really it’s like this?

On Founder’s Note, Tom, Anna and Russel (the main three brains) wrote “In fact, it was overwhelming—literally. While we had planned for a large number of searches on our first day, we hadn’t planned on more than 50 million. After all, that’s in the same ballpark as Microsoft’s Live Search and approaching Yahoo!. And they have a bit more infrastructure than our small start-up.” 

That means on first day, which was Monday, searches on Cuil exceeded more than 50 million. And it’s still increasing. That’s amazing. Cuil has a team of 30 employees and they did a superb job indeed. 

Congratulations!!! (But continue improving your search results guys). 😉

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