Major secrets of YouTube marketing (Video)

YouTube is a video channel that has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past decade. Also, it is expected to have a tenfold number of visitors in the next few years. There a number of video sharing and promotion sites other than YouTube such as Vimeo, Metacafe and so on. But since YouTube is directly linked to Google, it has more prominence when compared to the other video sharing sites. YouTube videos are watched by the users for all purposes. Even when a user wants to assemble a PC, he gets ample information through how-to videos that have been put up on YouTube, which helps him a lot. When this is one part of the story, the other part is that this is the reason for many marketers to opt for YouTube videos to promote their products and services. 

The latest trend is to portray some great and useful information which will educate the customers and end users, through which a particular product or service has been promoted. For example, a well-known skincare brand will create videos about interesting topics like, ways to keep your skin glowing throughout the day and so many other tips and in-turn present it in the video that “These useful information has been presented by X” where X is the brand. 

Another important aspect to remember is the content that has been portrayed in the video. This content must, not only be attractive, but also be very authentic and compelling enough to attract the visitors. Collaborating and joining hands with other creators and commenting on their videos with links to your video is also a useful technique for YouTube marketing. It is very vital to understand how your competitors have created videos on YouTube and how they have promoted them. Some creators have a very good website for their business where they get these videos published and when the website gets indexed by Google, it automatically helps to index the YouTube video.

A great helping hand would be social media. It is very important to ensure that your company pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such social media channels have all your videos as feeds and also could link these comments on these channels. But at the same time, we need to ensure that there is proper control to all these because there might even be some negative comments about your video.

YouTube tags play an important role in these videos. We need to ensure to add proper tags and description to the videos with very good compelling keywords. This will ensure a boost in the number of visits that your video has.

Ultimately, your video needs to be very precise and also need to create a lot of value for your visitors. If you are marketing your product or service ensure to add call-to-action which will help you to receive direct calls. To prevent any increase in the bounce rate or drop in the time of visit, ensure to add some interesting and attractive stuff to your videos to make it go viral.

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