Latest Alexa Top Global Ranking

Alexa’s latest Global Top Sites ranking shows that Google is now the no. 1 site. The changes appeared since yesterday, 25th Feb.

Till now it was Yahoo! Now Yahoo! Stands to no. 2. Youtube 3rd, 4th and Facebook in 5th position.


The downgrading for Yahoo! is painful. It was the Web’s No.1. But this had to come in anyway. While Google engaged itself in many fields with full Swing, Yahoo! looked quite breathless and without having any idea. What the new CEO Carol Bartz will exercise in Yahoo!, time still have to show it in coming months or years (even).


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  1. what are other sources determining alexa traffic?

    The factors that are determinant in a website’s Alexa rankings apart from the data collected from the users of the Alexa toolbar are no where clearly mentioned. This somehow brings in a question of doubt and credibility issues as far as the Alexa rankings are concerned. However, even today the Alexa toolbar has the largest chunk in determining the ranking of a website.

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