How to Become James Bond: Online Deals on Electronics

Today’s technology market is saturated with electronic devices from smartphones and e-book readers to sleek tablet computers and digital media players. The consumer challenge is knowing what these devices do, where they can be purchased, and which storefronts afford the optimal blend of affordability and marquee products. Oftentimes the best prices can be found online because digital sellers are competing with one another, which leads to competition and lower cost to the consumer. That said, this article will look at some online storefronts as well as online publications that critique the products sold at those online storefronts. The goal is to help the consumer find the best deals on cutting-edge technologies.

This company has been around since 1997 and its auction format, layout, and customer satisfaction measures are very similar to eBay. At any rate, states in its credo that it functions as a top auction site that caters to new, overstock, rectified, and closeout products. This means that the customer is receiving a well cared for product at an extremely low cost! uBid showcases twenty five categories and one of which is electronics. uBid carries the latest computers, tablets, phones and cameras. Unlike eBay, uBid’s products are usually sold in bulk and there are many available – perhaps this accounts for the bargain basement deals! Many of the items and auctions on uBid, including electronics, start at only one dollar!

Best Buy

Due to somewhat lackluster sales last quarter, Best Buy has been generously unveiling sales left and right over the past two weeks. Additionally, in an apparent effort to compete with juggernauts like Amazon, Best Buy is offering free shipping on anything purchased via Best Buy consistently has the newest electronics and very often the best deals. For instance, Best Buy has a deal in which customers can receive a free Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G smartphone granted they opt for signup through Best Buy and a two year agreement through Verizon Wireless. Since Best Buy and its affiliates demonstrate superb deals year round, this deal’s really a no-brainer! Also, Best Buy offers trade-ins, price match guarantees, and complimentary in-store pickup.


This multibillion omnibus company is basically entirely online. Amazon’s customer loyalty and satisfaction is unmatched in the online game partly because of Amazon’s understanding that it is ten times less expensive to retain an old customer than to corral a new one. Amazon’s layout is really as intuitive as it is cost saving. From the search box customers can opt to type in specific items, and arrange them accordingly, or search by popularity and department. Amazon is really unparalleled in bringing together private sellers and large corporations while ensuring quality regardless of provenance. Simply keying in smartphone on the search reveals electronic offerings from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Samsung. The search options are really as limitless as the deals on Amazon!

PC Magazine

PC Magazine has been around since 1982 and the computer revolution. From the outlet, this magazine’s mission was delivering timely and helpful buying advice for electronics. In this regard its mission hasn’t flagged over the last three decades. One of the cooler articles coming out of PC Magazine recently was a roundup of the most innovative products from the most recent Consumer Electronics Show. The keynote products included a pocket sized movie projector – Favi A3 Wifi Pico Projector – and a camera with excellent fidelity, megapixel size, and vintage looks – Fujifilm X-Pro1. PC magazine specializes in presenting cool gadgets at affordable prices.

This article has explored customer portals for finding the best deals on electronics online. Although prices and features may vary, all of the presented sites offer deals on electronics compared to retail prices.

– By Reinisha Goldfarb

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