Google’s moving to the Top

The last two days, most probably since 18th of Oct Google’s Alexa traffic rank is 2, that means Google is now in the 2nd position. Google moved up and replaced msn. That’s simply great for Google. It means 

  • Google has constant plus more new users

  • As it is offering more options (iGoogle is one of course), virtually it’s becoming the day’s virtual world for its users. iGoogle is very much adorned by a lot of its users.

  • Google could hold the advertisers confidence for its Adsense ads although ‘click-fraud’ is often a talk in many forums.

  • Possibly Gmail users are also increasing.

The green arrow next to its traffic rank points towards the next higher position, the No.1, which is currently hold by Yahoo. Now it’s a real battle whether Yahoo will remain there or Google will take it. Finally it will go to the one who deserves it. Wait and let’s see!!


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