Facebook and how to be smart online?

Social network platform Facebook will now pay serious attention and take action to any abuse that will be reported. That’s a very good news of Mark Zuckerberg’s popular platform. As of 19 th Oct’s Alexa Traffic Rank shows a 7 th place for Facebook just behind Myspace but above Orkut. New security settings against sexual predators most probably will give it a boost against Myspace.  Chris Kelly, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer outlined the steps it’s going to follow in his blog:

  • any complaint about nudity, pornography, harassing or unwelcome contact will be addressed withing 24 hours,
  • limiting certain search functionality targeting minors,
  • making it explicit so the minors know the contact is an adult.

These are some good steps no doubt. But Chris also wrote “Whether you’re a minor or an adult, you should learn how be to smart online”. But how?? Will you, Chris, please tell us how to be smart online. Some new guidelines will be helpful otherwise it will look like Facebook is trying to avoid certain responsibilities.  


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