‘Germany means protection for my life’: Nouroudeen (34)

Q: How are you?

Nouroudeen: I am fine.

Q: How long have you been living here?

Nouroudeen: I came to Germany two months before.

Q: Where do you come from?

Nouroudeen: I come from Benin.

Q: Do you have family?

Nouroudeen: No I don’t have a family. My mother died when I was one year old. Two years later my father died. I have no one. I am the only son of my parents.

Q: Why did you decide to come to Germany?

Nouroudeen: Because my Aunt (sister of my father) wanted to kill me. Complicated family matter.

Q: Are you learning German language now? Do you have any job?

Nouroudeen: Yes I am learning German. Once a week I attend a class on German language. No I don’t have any job right now. I do nothing and I don’t like it. For men, it’s not good only to eat and sleep. I want to do something but I don’t get anything.

Q: So do you get money from German Government?

Nouroudeen: Yes, but more than this I get protection from Germany. I get protection for my life here. That’s important for me.

Q: How do you like Halle (Saale)

Nouroudeen: Yes I like Halle. Halle is good. Sometimes I go to Marktplatz (City Centre) or come to Bahnhof (Rail station) just to watch people. People are busy, moving, walking. Life goes on.

Q. Do you have friends here?

Nouroudeen: No. If I see any other African man on the street, we just say “Hello, Hello”.

Q: What’s your religion? I mean are you Christian or Muslim?

Nouroudeen: I am Muslim. Sometimes I go to Mosque to pray.

Thank you.

*Short note: Nouroudeen, 34, is a refugee from Benin, currently living in Halle (Saale). [Pdf Version]

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