Facts: Why we need to rethink about professional politicians and their roles

Professional politicians, also known as career politicians, do their jobs with two crystal-clear instincts – higher ambitions and material success.

The following points are enough to let us rethink about our 21st Century professional politicians:

Profi politicians do lie professionally, they promise a lot before each election but seldom or never keep them once they win their seats.

Profi politicians are good actors. They read books on how to motivate mass people, do practise it at home before mirrors, then on podiums. They seem to know some ‘magic words’ to easily hypnotise mass people.

None of our profi politicians are poor, they even don’t lead a normal middle-class life. The lead and belong to the upper, ultra-rich class of the society. Look at their bank accounts – all of them are millionaires. Still the ‘vault’ behind the curtain is full of profi-money’s.

When they retire from politics (officially), they immediately join corporations, private banks, NGO’s and other strategic or financial institutions with higher positions. So starts the next big money-making thing called ‘lobbying’.

Profi politicians are always active – either in political fields or in financial markets.

Two best examples of profi politicians – former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain.

By the way, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who himself is s millionaire, has started a new career in the travel business as a director of hotel group Accor.

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