Bing on iPhone

Microsoft’s new venture – its first Bing App for iPhone has been broadly appreciated by the industry as a ‘useful and wise’ step towards its access and gain into mobile’s internet world.

According to Bing Search Blog, “You can download the free Bing App from your phone in the App Store, from your computer at iTunes, or go to”. 

One of the coolest stuff of Bing on iPhone is the voice search. Just say “San Francisco weather” for a quick result, or even say a full address for a map or directions (to the phone or simply press the mic button) – you are done.  

So just imagine how it gets easy to find a coffee shop while shopping die-hard in Christmas market for families and friends, and you need a refreshing break. Just use Bing on your iPhone. 😉

The tech industry is also excited and finds Microsoft’s new application for Apple “excellent”. According to Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land, “it’s well designed, intuitive, pleasing to look at and most importantly useful”.  

Others like Michael Gartenberg thinks it’s a wise move from both sides, and will do good to Apple being a ‘balance’ rather than depending too heavily on Google. 

Finally, as Greg wrote “Building an iPhone App is an important step for Microsoft to gain access to the mobile internet’s most active and engaged audience right now. And when many of them download it they will be very pleased (may be surprised too) with how good it is”. 

So Cheers for Bing. And much success for Microsoft in 2010!!!

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4 comments on “Bing on iPhone”

  1. Carmen Cruz

    BING search engine is just as good as Google. In my own personal experience, Google does give more releveant search result than Bing but the difference is very small. **

  2. Heather May2

    my default search engine is Yahoo but now i am using BING because it is much better than Yahoo. i heard that Bing search engine would power Yahoo search also.

  3. Kymm

    i think that Bing is not as good as Google. Google would still index new websites faster than Bing. Microsoft would still need a lot of catching to do with GoogleBot.

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