Ancient secrets which save your sex life

Man has two basic requirements – food and the sexual gratification. In order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle it is important to suffice these two requirements or else you can see chaos and disaster seen among the people. Food we all know and have been consuming since we were kids, however, this is not the case with sex. The desire to have sexual gratification comes when kids turn adolescent.

So, when it comes to sex life, there are different ways to enjoy it, however, if you look at the core, nothing really has changed since past centuries. Though the lifestyle has changed a lot and would continue changing, however, sex life seems to remain unchanged. You will find various ancients secrets, which can help you in having a good sex life. So how about checking some of the ancient secrets that can really save your sex life in the following paragraphs:

Getting started- focus on your genitals

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

The first secret about having a good sex life is to start focusing over genitals. Consider doing this by simply thinking about them. The energy often follows attention or focus; hence you may end up feeling very much thrilling as you start to energize your genitals. Attention can be called as stimulation of some of the best kind. If you are going for a walk outside or simply driving back to home from work, make sure you consciously pay attention over your genitals or the sexual parts.  Though you may find this tip a bit odd, but considering the amount of results you get from your focus over your genitals can really make the difference.  

Try out Daoism

In order to save your sex life and make it active, one of the ancient ways of doing it is to take the help of certain ancient exercises of Daoist. Daoism is basically an ancient Chinese philosophy, which are based over the principles calling people happy and healthy only when they live in harmony and peace by abiding certain natural laws of energy discovered in the universe. The Daoists divides these energy laws into two complimentary ideas- the masculine yang and feminine yin. As you explore these ideas, you could come across many tips and tricks to have a happy and healthy sex life. There are several Daoist breathing exercises, which helps in giving you and your partner the required energy level to enjoy sex life by focusing over the pelvic area. You can find certain workshops based on this philosophy for carrying out sex the best and gratifying manner.  

Hold your fire

By having sex without any kind of protection may be evident as foolhardy thing but you have lessons from the Taoist ideas. The Taoist teachings can help you in restraining you during the intercourse activities. The Taoist guidelines dictate men to defend against reaching out to the orgasm while having sex as this will help in economizing their energy. Withholding the orgasm can really help your partner to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Final word

The ancient world has loads of lessons to improve and save your sex life. The above tips are just few of these, however, if you explore these ideas further, you can certainly end up getting loads of such tips and tricks, which can make your sex life from bad to better. So try them!

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