Amazon Books Launches Author Interview Series: “Author Interviews@Amazon”

*Customers can contribute questions for their favorite authors via Books Facebook page and books blog, Omnivoracious*

SEATTLE, Apr 25, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — today introduced “Author Interviews@Amazon,” the new author interview series that will be available in a new content destination called The Backstory ( Author Interviews@Amazon launches with five video interviews, including celebrity chef and James Beard Award-winning Tom Douglas, New York Times bestselling debut author Joshua Foer, young adult authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, and Gossip Girl producer John Stephens. New author interviews will be announced via the Books Facebook page and on, the Books blog. Customers will be able to post questions for visiting authors that will be incorporated into each interview. All edited videos will be available on the book’s detail page and accessible from archives in The Backstory.

“We’re extremely lucky to have fascinating and talented authors gracing our hallways here at Amazon and taking time to chat with us,” said Mari Malcolm, Managing Editor, books at “We love these conversations so much that we wanted to share them with our customers. We hope that customers will take the opportunity to submit questions on our Amazon Books Facebook page or through our blog, Omnivoracious. They can also contact us at with questions for visiting authors.”

The Backstory will feature Author Interviews@Amazon interviews and other exclusive author content such as guest reviews, interviews, authors’ favorite playlists, recipes and more.

Author Interviews@Amazon interviews, including sample quotes, are included below:

  • Holly Black is the bestselling author of contemporary fantasy novels for teens and children, including her first book, “Tithe,” “The Spiderwick Chronicles” with Tony DiTerlizzi, the graphic novel series “The Good Neighbors (with Ted Naifeh), and the mobster fantasy series “The Curse Workers.” A quote from her interview: “All my other work has been about fairies, but I’ve always loved heists, I’ve always loved capers, and I’ve always loved noir. So I thought, I’m going to do something totally crazy and come up with this crazy world.”
  • Cassandra Clare is the bestselling author of the “Mortal Instruments” series, and “Clockwork Angel,” the first book in the “Infernal Devices” series. A quote from her interview: “I really like writing teenage characters more than adults. You love your adult characters, but they’re also obstacles.”
  • Tom Douglas is a James Beard Award-winning chef from Seattle, owner of ten restaurants and author of four books, including the Kindle Exclusive, “Chef Walks: Seattle.” A quote from his interview: “Chefs know. We all know. We get out, we go to each other’s places, we know where the best food is around the city, we actually take the time to search out and support all these places.”
  • Joshua Foer has written for National Geographic, Esquire, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Slate. “Moonwalking with Einstein” is his first book. A quote from his interview: “The one thing that tends to describe a lot of ‘memory geeks’ is that a lot of them are actual, physical athletes. The guy who won this year’s U.S. Memory Championship is, as we speak, on a plane to Kathmandu to climb Mount Everest. Because, what else would you do after winning the U.S. Memory Championship?”
  • John Stephens spent ten years in television, was the executive producer of Gossip Girl and a writer for Gilmore Girls and The O.C. He was inspired to write novels for children after reading Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy. “The Emerald Atlas” is his first book. A quote from his interview: “I’m a morning writer; I tend to work early in the morning, and even if I’m hungry or thirsty, I don’t allow myself to get up and go eat. So frequently, I’ll be writing in the morning, I’ll be starving, and all of a sudden my characters will magically be eating food!”


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