5 Reasons Your Posture Matters

How many times during your childhood did your mom tell you that you needed to sit or stand up straight or pull your shoulders back as she walked by, and remind you that if you didn’t start having better posture you would end up hunched over for the rest of your life? Whether or not you actually listened, mom may have been on to something when she pulled those shoulders back and forced you to stand taller. Having good posture has a variety of benefits, so the next time you find yourself slouching keep these things in mind:

1. It helps you become more confident: Slouching over or hunching your shoulders makes you look and feel less poised overall, giving off an aura of self-doubt. Simply standing up straighter gives you an air of confidence that can translate into an actual boost in confidence and self-assuredness.

2. Fosters a healthy back and spine: If you sit or stand with bad posture for long enough you’ll start to notice that your back, shoulders, and neck will begin to ache. This is because your spine and back are not meant to be curved over like that. Try standing and sitting up straight instead; you’ll immediately feel better, and your back and spine will thank you.

3. Your breathing becomes easier: When you are sitting or standing up straight with correct posture, your breathing becomes easier to do. You are able to inhale more deeply, facilitating better oxygen flow throughout your entire body, which is good for your joints, ligaments, muscles, and brain.

4. It’s good for your muscles: Slouching all the time is harder on your muscles than simply maintaining good posture, contrary to what you may have previously thought. Your body has to work harder to stay in the lazy, hunched over position then to remain erect and tall, so give your muscles a break and focus on your posture.

5. Helps you look more in shape: When you have bad posture your shoulders hunch over and your belly sticks out, making you look more out of shape then you may actually be. Conversely, when you have good posture your shoulders are back and your abs and stomach are in, giving you a slimmer, more shapely appearance all around.

The next time you notice your posture start to fail give yourself a mental check; maintaining good posture is good for your body, health, and self-image, which are all very good reasons to stand or sit up straight and tall.

– By Roxanne Porter

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