5 Easy Steps to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Most computers are not slow out of the box, with use and new programs installed a computer can slow down significantly. A slow running computer can be a nightmare, and really cut productivity. Not only that, but it can be extremely aggravating and time consuming to fix. It is actually very simple to speed up a slow running computer with just a simple few steps. Here are 5 easy steps to make a computer run faster.

Disable Startup Items

Many programs automatically startup even though it may not be necessary. By clicking start, run, and typing msconfig, then going to the startup tab. You can see which programs are automatically starting up when the computer is turned on. It would be prudent to disable anything that is not necessary to startup with the computer. Any programs that do not startup automatically can be opened manually later if needed. This frees up memory for more essential activities.


A lot of programs are heavy users of memory, insufficient amount of ram can be a drag for these programs. Upgrading is simple, the first step would be to determine what ram you have. Some websites will scan your computer and tell you what ram you have and what you need to buy. Find out how many ram slots are in the computer, this can determine how much ram you can buy. Putting the ram in is very easy in laptops, as well as desktops. Finding instructions either on the box or online should be simple.

Virus and Spyware

Make sure your computer does not have a virus, or has spyware. This can really drag the performance down substantially. It would be a good idea to either buy, or download a free virus and spyware scanner. These programs find any issues and can isolate and fix them. Not only will this speed up the computer, it will remove any previous vulnerabilities.

Update Software

Make sure all of your software is up to date, old software can run much less efficiently. This is especially true for browsers, since technology is shifting very quickly. Most software has auto update options, but just by double checking you can make sure that your is up to date. You may also gain other futures to the product as well, as new updates often include this.

Efficient Hard Drive

Another thing that can make a computer lag, is a poorly running hard drive. When data is put on a hard drive, it is put all over the place, running defrag can put the data all together. This will certainly help speed up access to hard drive times. Also, deleting any unnecessary files and programs can help speed up the hard drive, this is especially true if it is near capacity.

The great thing about fixing a slow computer is the cost, most of the things can be done for free. A slow running computer in this day and age is almost certainly due to a problem and not just an old computer. Once fixed, you should stay on top of your computer issues to not allow it to slow down again. You can do this by running your anti virus software often, keeping the hard drive free of clutter and not having a lot of background programs running.

– By Mitch Taylor

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Mitch Taylor writes about technology, finance & health insurance.

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