‘El Che’, The Legendary Hero

A 4-meter bronze statue of ‘Che Guevara’ now stands in his own town Rosario, Argentina. The sculptor Andres Zerneri crafted the bronze statue from donations he received from thousands of people in Argentina and from around the world. The donations included anything household that is of bronze from doorknobs to door keys.

The statue was unveiled on Saturday on his 80th birthday. Che Guevara was born on 14th of June 1928 in Rosario.

The young revolutionary ‘who changed countries and crossed borders and broke down limits’ simply created a distance that no one can ever duplicate. Che is simply ‘larger than life’.

In the ‘new world’ where Lenin and Stalin have fallen to the ground, Che stood up with ‘honour and love’. His fearless last words while being executed at the age of 39: “Shoot, coward, you’re only going to kill a man”, is anything but a myth. Salute.

(The video below is from The Wall Street Journal. Although in the beginning journalist Michael Casey says Che is a controversial figure in his own country Argentina, but you will watch how Che is ‘live and inspiring’ among his own people together with millions from around the world.)

Source: Time 100: Che Guevara

Wall Street Journal: In Argentina, Che Guevara……….

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