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04. Jul 2020

6 Reasons to Consider Powering Your House with Wind Turbines

Wind energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy along with solar. This is the main reason why wind turbines were some of the very first form of clean energy producers adopted not only by governments, but also people to power their homes. They cost relatively less when compared to installing solar panels.

Reasons to consider powering your house with wind turbines

#1 Contribute To Your Community

 Keep your head high and feel proud, you are going to contribute to your community. You can’t obviously store all of the energy that will be produced by your system. You will be able to export excess energy produced by your turbines to the local grid and share the electricity with your neighbors.

#2 Maintenance

They hardly need any repair or maintenance. However, it is advised to thoroughly check the system at least once a year. With proper annual maintenance, a turbine can easily last for 20 to 25 years. You might have to change the batteries and inverters at some point.  Typically, for a system that is not connected to the national grid and most of the energy is stored using batteries – battery replacement might be needed once every 7 years.  

#3 Cost, Electricity Bills

Wind is free! Once you had installed your turbines and other necessary components to harvest energy, you are looking are a system that will produce electricity for free for years to come. This helps your cut cost on electricity bills. Yes! You it advised to keep your current electricity connection along with wind turbines to power your home. You will be able to install building-mounted turbines (more than 1kW) for as low as 1500 to 2000 pounds, which will be able to power a couple of rooms in your house. In some countries, the government or the power company will pay you incentives for sending excess electricity to the grid. If you happen to live in a rather windy place, your wind turbines will not only power your house, but also help you earn some money from your clean energy.

#4 Carbon Foot-Print

Electricity generated from wind is clean. No green house gases such as CO2 or methane or other pollutants are released.

#5 Don’t Worry If There Is No Wind

You will not notice any difference when there is no wind. This is the reason why you need to be always connected to the grid. When your batteries do not have energy to power you house, the needed energy is obtained from the grid, in the same way when you have more energy than your batteries could store, you can share it with your neighbors through the grid.

#6 Wind Turbines Are Simple

The main reason why maintenance and installation cost of wind turbines are less is the fact that, they are simple. If you are a novice electrician you can take care of the system on your own. The working of a typical wind turbine can be explained as follows.

1. The Raw kinetic energy of the wind is used to make the fan spin.

2. The rotational energy of the fan is then converted to electric energy by means of a generator.

3. The energy produced is then stored in a bank of batteries.

4. The DC current in the battery is then converted to AC using an inverter and made use of by electrical equipments in your home.

*Author Bio: Aiden Korr is a freelance writer and an environmentalist. He strives hard to keep the world a better place. He is also working remotely with Mr Renewables and doing a lot of research and development to gain more knowledge about Renewable Energy.

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