Yahoo!’s Top Ten of Everything 2010

Analysis of billions of searches used to gauge the mood of the great British public

Uncovers major trends of AUSTERITY and CELEBRITY

Is Kate the new Cheryl in 2011? Cheryl Cole most searched for celebrity — but Princess Kate set to steal crown

Royal Wedding the #4 most searched for news event in 2010 – after only two weeks

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Yahoo!’s Year in Review ( ) — the definitive list of the people, places and events that grabbed the UK’s imagination over the past 12 months, based on billions of searches on — has uncovered a nation still worried by economic uncertainty and dazzled by celebrity.

YAHOO!’S TOP TEN OF EVERYTHING 2010 (last year in brackets)

1. Lottery (new entry)

2. Job Centre (#3)

3. Weather (new entry)

4. Big Brother (#1)

5. Cheryl Cole (#9)

6. TV guide (new entry)

7. World Cup (new entry)

8. Train times ( #10)

9. Katie Price (#8)

10. Horoscopes (new entry)

After 12 months of belt-tightening, the public’s concern about a future age of austerity is reflected in the top searches — with LOTTERY (#1) and JOB CENTRE (#2) the most searched for terms. Job Centre was one of the top three searches for the second year in a row, having charted at #3 in 2009. A new entry into the Top 10 Searches shows how we’re watching the pounds by staying in — TV GUIDE is in at #6. Perhaps even the entry of HOROSCOPES at #10 is a sign of desperation as we turn to the stars for a guide to our future

The nation found the perfect embodiment of its obsessions with celebrity, entertainment and reality television in CHERYL COLE (#5) — the most searched-for celebrity of 2010.

Cole was the number one searched for celebrity and the number one searched for musician. Her divorce from England and Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole was named top ‘celebrity scandal’, while X Factor remained one of the most searched for TV shows.

However, her crown may be under threat from KATE MIDDLETON — searches for the future ‘Princess Catherine’ went up by more than 20 000% on the day of the announcement of her wedding to Prince William, a trend that will only accelerate as the big day approaches.

In fact, the ROYAL WEDDING is already dominating the news this year — announced only two weeks ago, it was the #4 most-searched for news event of 2010.

Richard Evans, Yahoo!’s UK News Editor, said: “Looking at the billions of searches made on over the last year, two things jump out. One is that we are a worried nation, concerned about our futures as we enter an ‘age of austerity’.

“The second is that we find our escape from this worry through reality TV, entertainment and celebrity. In 2010, for a lot of people, that meant following the rollercoaster life of Cheryl Cole.

“Next year, however, the Royal Wedding is likely to become our celebrity fixation — is Kate going to become the new Cheryl?”


Top Ten Celebrities (last year in brackets)

1. Cheryl Cole (#4)

2. Katie Price (#3)

3. Lady Gaga (#6)

4. John Terry (new entry)

5. Angelina Jolie (new entry)

6. Victoria Beckham (new entry)

7. Megan Fox (#10)

8. Justin Bieber (new entry)

9. Peter Andre (new entry)

10. Katy Perry (new entry)

In 2010, CHERYL COLE was the #1 searched for celebrity and the #1 searched for musician. Her divorce from England and Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole was named #1 ‘celebrity scandal’, while X Factor remained one of the most searched for TV shows.

‘Wor Cheryl’s’ influence even spreads to other top searches – her X Factor protégé, CHER LLOYD, was the #1 searched for reality TV contestant.

Year on year, LADY GAGA and MEGAN FOX also climbed the rankings of celebrity searches, while Lily Allen, Oasis and Susan Boyle all fell from the Top Ten.

Richard Evans said: “The past 12 months have been mixed for Cheryl Cole — chart topping success and X-Factor fame, but also her divorce and a nasty case of malaria. But the ups and downs have definitely kept the public interested! It’s hard to see where she can go from here — America perhaps?”


Top Ten News Stories

1. Volcanic ash disruption

2. General Election

3. Haiti earthquake

4. Royal Wedding

5. Kraft takeover of Cadbury

6. Pakistan floods

7. David Cameron

8. Alexander McQueen

9. Raoul Moat

10. Chilean miners

There are the searches you’d expect, such as ‘Volcanic Ash Disruption’ and ‘. General Election’. However, the one trend coming through loud and clear from Yahoo!’s Top News Searches of the year is the concern and empathy the UK feels for other countries’ difficulties. The Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods both featured in the top 10, as generous Britons searched for a way to donate money to help. The incredible story of the rescued Chilean miners also touched the hearts of the nation.

Interestingly, the only business story to make it into the Top 10 News Searches is the Kraft takeover of Cadbury — showing that us Brits are (Fruit and) nuts about our chocolate!

It’s clear which news story is going to dominate the first half of 2011 after the Royal Wedding entered the chart at #4.

Richard Evans said: “There have been some unforgettable moments over the past 12 months and our analysis captures all of it. From ash in the skies to Chilean miners underground — 2010 has been a year to remember.”


Top Ten Sports Stars

1. John Terry

2. Wayne Rooney

3. Ashley Cole

4. David Beckham

5. Tiger Woods

6. Andy Murray

7. Steven Gerrard

8. Cristiano Ronaldo

9. Fernando Torres

10. Roger Federer

Top Ten TV Shows

1. Big Brother

2. X Factor

3. Eastenders

4. Dancing on Ice

5. Doctor Who

6. Coronation Street

7. Britain’s Got Talent

8. Strictly Come Dancing

9. Home and Away

10. Glee



Celebrity couple — Brangelina

Fashion garment — Ugg Boots

Beauty product — Nivea cream

Fashion label — New Look

Film — Twilight Eclipse

Leading lady — Kristen Stewart

Festival — Glastonbury

Song — Baby by Justin Bieber

Politician — David Cameron

Political news story — General Election

International news story — Haiti earthquake

Brand — Apple

Online video — Telephone by Lady Gaga

Premier League footballer — John Terry

Sporting event — World Cup

Soap star — Kym Marsh

Reality TV contestant — Cher Lloyd

Soap — Eastenders

TV Star — Cheryl Cole

Mobile phone — iPhone 4

Car — Vauxhall Astra

Car manufacturer — BMW

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About the Yahoo! Year in Review Methodology

To develop the Yahoo! Year in Review, our editors analyse search queries based upon a number of factors, including absolute volume and growth versus previous periods, to see which themes and trends bubble to the surface. Individual users and their search queries always remain anonymous.

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