When you don’t have a man to dance with…follow the Japanese

Declining birth rates is a common problem in highly industrialized countries. Couples simply have no time or even patience to bear a child. But that costs something…..

You simply left alone as there’s lack of partners. In Japan, robots are possibly going to be a good alternative to fill the gaps. But it needs some more time that the humanoid robots finally appear in the market.

So why wait?? Take the poodles out to the dancing clubs, teach them how to dance ‘cha-cha-cha’ or ‘wa-wa-wa’ or ‘hua-hua-hua’…whatever it may be. 🙂

Dogs will learn faster and they are very obedient.

But keep the boundary. For a romantic (evening) walk or a dance in disco – it’s fine. But not more. Don’t take them in………. 😉

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