Finally the cool wind started to blow

So as Carl Icahn got three positions on Yahoo!’s board of directors, the wind in Sunnyvale is much cooler today – no heat or heat ups. 🙂

The rebellion who himself is a powerful and known figure in top-level breaking and making theories and examples, seems surrendered his vision to sell part or whole of Yahoo! to Microsoft. The new boss of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, now should go for a long summer holiday and enjoy the beach. No more Yahoo! or Jerry in head. It’s certainly over. 

But who won the game? Both Jerry Yang and Carl Icahn. As Mr. Icahn has got positions and Jerry saved the August 1 meeting, so both can sit back with relax and smile. The game is over. 

Jerry is the winner. 😎

So let’s say together and loudly YyAa-Hooooooooooo!!! 

Three cheers for Yahoo!!! 

Source: Reuters

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