What do Employees Feel about Enterprise Mobility?

Article by Michelle Patterson

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous because we get to see people using them at office, in homes, on the road, and even at important client meetings. The use of mobile devices definitely has its own advantages for the enterprise and business owners are able to feel that with every passing day. Enterprises that have employees using mobile devices for doing their daily work have seen a rise in productivity. There has also been an improvement in customer service thereby directly affecting the revenue generation.

Employee Engagement

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Another very significant but ignored benefit of adopting enterprise solution is the rise in employee engagement and an improvement in the working experience of people.  Research has revealed that more than a billion people would be using mobile technology by the end of 2015, so this can be used for improving employee engagement while giving a boost to their work experience.

Surveys conducted among the employees have pointed to the fact that workers are able to get their jobs done efficiently and make effective real time decision. There has also been a significant improvement in their overall productivity at work. They are really glad to access all the office data from their phones through the integration of various enterprise apps.

Employee Retention

From the perspective of the employer, enterprise mobility has helped them to bolster their employee engagement and at the same time retain employees as well as customers. The customer satisfaction has showed a huge jump and helped companies maximize their revenues. Ultimately it all ends up to a point where organizations had both satisfied clients as well as employees.

Here are a few suggestions from the employees to enhance their enterprise mobility experience:

  • Better IT support for their mobile devices – Employees are of the opinion that they would per tasks in an efficient manner if they are provide with improved IT support for their devices. There is a higher use of mobile apps for even the most basic communication activities, which is not just restricted to just using mail clients on their phones. Employees want to have the IT supported extended to their personal mobile devices as well so that they can perform their tasks seamlessly.
  • Creative ways for using their mobile solutions – There are a variety of apps that extend mobile applications to the employees in a very creative manner. Employees want to use their mobile solutions for performing even the most basic tasks. They would their companies to think of some creative apps that help them complete simple tasks like leave application submission, time tracking and even expense reporting. Employees believe that this would facilitate better management of important tasks at office and they would be able to focus more on the core activities that their job demands.
  • Apps for their business processes – Employees want to have apps for almost all their business processes. This will help them keep track as well as manage their tasks efficiently. Extension of business processes apps to their mobile phones will make their task easier and enhance their productivity.
  • Easier data access – Employees want to ease their organizational data access process. They want organizational data to be available on a real-time basis in order to expedite their decision making process and make their work easier. 
  • Improved security and protection – Majority of the employees believe that their companies need to not only adopt mobility but also design security policies that would help them feel secured and protected. They are ready to take responsibility of accessing organizational data but at the same time believe that a water-tight security policy will set them free from worries of data pilferage and unauthorized usage.

Author Bio:

Michelle Patterson has been working with telecom companies for over 10 years, and is excited with the new IP/VoIP/Cloud Telephony and other systems flooding the market. She is learning as much as she can about IP Telephony, Cloud Telephony, VoIP, Unified Communications, etc.

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