Using Video as Primary Communication Tool

When we use Skype to talk to our dear ones, we don’t think twice about it. Why have we not adopted the same video conferencing for our work? This might sound a little strange but if you think a little deeper on the subject then you are sure to be smiling at being so naïve to have not used the Skype as your primary communication tool. We are all aware of the significance of business communication and the kind of role video conferencing plays. Video conferencing has come a long way from being just the hazy video quality we received at our offices – the devices used nowadays are far more advanced that provide high resolution video and superior audio quality.

The Internet has permeated into all spheres of the business and one of its offshoots is the VoIP or Cloud Telephony. Cloud telephony has completely altered the way we conduct our business communication, which includes video conferencing. The latest video conferencing solutions are offered as an integrated solution with the VoIP or IP telephony systems available in the market. This is popularly known as Unified communication, which is an umbrella technology that includes everything from VoIP to video conferencing. The latest video conferencing equipments can be easily integrated to the VoIP or IP telephone system at your office and enjoy uninterrupted video calls with customers and colleagues.

Image courtesy of TANDBERG Corporation (Source: Wikipedia)

Image courtesy of TANDBERG Corporation (Source: Wikipedia)

The costs of travelling to the client’s site are often high and multiple travels can lead to a rise in the overall costing of a project. This can be easily avoided by carrying out video calls with clients. The latest video conferencing solutions come equipped with a variety of features that would make every video conference a great professional experience. Unified communication comes preloaded with the application required to initiate a video conference and the users are required to only activate the same from the administrative panel.

Video conferencing quality is one of the primary areas of concern for the users; hence utmost care is to be taken at the time of installation and maintenance of video conferencing equipments. The cloud service providers often need to check for the applications that run the video conferencing systems. It is imperative that only the updated applications are used for the video conferencing service. The allocation cloud resources also form an important part of ensuring that the video conferencing is carried out smoothly. Your conferences are the only opportunities that you get for leaving an impression upon your clients, so its success is vital for the growth of your company as well as its bottom line.

As a user, you too have certain duties and responsibilities to ensure that you have the perfect set up for carrying out a video conference without any glitches. Network infrastructure is the backbone of the video conferencing system and if your office does not have an UC then you must have a dedicated video conferencing network. The endpoint devices like the webcam and the screen needs to be calibrated in a proper manner so as to eliminate any kind of interference that you might encounter during the conference. In case you are using a unified communication solution at your office then you should ensure that all the equipments and endpoints are properly connected or not. It is better to run a trial conference prior to starting with the video conference with your client. If you do not have a dedicated IT department to take care of all the video conferencing needs then you must hire the services offered by vendors. They have the technicians and engineers who will guide you to run your video conferencing system smoothly.

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