US actor Steven Seagal received Russian citizenship

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented US actor Steven Seagal with his new Russian passport and congratulated him on receiving Russian citizenship.

Russian President Vladimir Putin with US actor Steven Seagal. Image credit:

Russian President Vladimir Putin with US actor Steven Seagal. Image credit:

Here is the conversation between Presiden Putin and Steven Seagal:

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: I am very glad to see you! I know that you wanted to become a citizen of the Russian Federation. We spoke with you about this a fairly long time ago, and from the very beginning we said that if this happens, it will be and should be absolutely depoliticised.

You have many friends in this country and you have professional plans as well. Naturally, Russian citizenship and a Russian passport will make it easier for you to meet your friends and carry out your plans.

First, I would like to congratulate you on this occasion and express the hope that this is yet another gesture, probably a small one, but still a gesture, and may indicate a gradual normalization of our interstate relations.

However, the passport is not valid without your signature: you should sign it here on the bottom line. (Hands over the passport).


Steven Seagal: (In Russian). Spasibo bolshoye. (Thank you very much)

Vladimir Putin: What about your professional plans? Are they working out?

Steven Seagal: Everything is good. We will talk later about the world, but for now I am just honoured to be here, and I am so happy to see you again.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you very much. This is a great pleasure for me, too. I cherish all your souvenirs and presents and I hope that we will preserve and continue our personal relations.

Steven Seagal: Never ever falter, never.

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