Travelling through the Universe

Microsoft has released the software for its WorldWide Telescope (WWT) program to download and install onto desktops turning computers to function as virtual telescopes to travel through night sky. A fancy not only for kids but for adults as well.

The high-resolution images used in the program are from the world’s best land-and space-based telescopes like the Very large Array (or VLA) radio telescope in New Mexico or the Hubble Space Telescope.

According to the Microsoft press release,

“The service goes well beyond the simple browsing of images. Users can choose which telescope they want to look through, including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center, the Spitzer Space Telescope or others. They can view the locations of planets in the night sky — in the past, present or future. They can view the universe through different wavelengths of light to reveal hidden structures in other parts of the galaxy. Taken as a whole, the application provides a top-to-bottom view of the science of astronomy”.

M51. Whirlpool Galaxy

Moreover, the Guided Tours will take you through all the known and unknown galaxies, planets, nebulas, supernovas and more with a narration of where you are and what it is. Now one can easily discover any planets, its position relative to others, the beautiful galaxies, death of massive stars and what happens afterwards. It’s a good start to go through the guided tours first. It’s so interesting.

The program can be downloaded from the

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