The 2007 Nobel literature prize winner Doris Lessing seems not enthusiast any more to continue writing. She is now 88. That means she won the Nobel Prize at the age of 87. May be the highest recognition came very late. She is the oldest person ever to win the award.

Her writing has stopped and she warns the younger ones not to imagine having this power forever. Many will not agree with her at all. It’s a talent that time cannot control even if you are too old. May be age can slow down daily activities. But writing?……………if you really do it from your heart there is no end of the line – there are so many things to write. Why it should have stopped for her??

Apart from this, one thing to ask the Nobel committee, why it was necessary to award someone who has reached such an old age when her talents are already well recognised. Does a person of that age can really feel or enjoy the award? Why it should not be awarded earlier so the winner can feel the glory of the prize. If not then as Miss Lessing said it’s a ‘bloody disaster’. It’s not only because she is always under pressure from the publishers to write for them, it’s also a message for the Nobel committee. Judge and award people when they are much younger. It’s more encouraging.

Author Lessing reacts to the news of the award…

Webpage of author Doris Lessing: www.dorislessing.org

News Source: CNN

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