Top 10 Foodie Destinations Around the World

Food is like a language that everyone speaks. The dialects may be different, but the core remains the same. Food is now more than a need. It is an experience. For some, it is passion. Food varies from country to country and even from culture to culture within the same country. To learn about a community, you need to understand what they eat and how they eat as well.

If you are someone who loves food-related adventures, we have a list of the top 10 destinations around the world for you.

South Africa

You can even call this country ‘The Barbecue Nation’. As evident from the previous statement, this country loves barbecued meat called braai. They even have a National Braai Day! Wait, there’s more! This country is also famous for its seafood. There’s a large variety to choose from, including but not limited to crayfish, octopus, squid, mussels, oysters, and crabs. Their spices are to-die-for! The baked goods from this country are also famous. This country is a must-visit for foodies.


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The appeal of Spanish cuisine is its rustic feel. To prepare the best food, the chefs in Spain use the freshest local produce. Here, a foodie can indulge himself with a traditional roast or fresh seafood. A food tour through Spain where you try as many Spanish dishes as possible is an excellent idea. You could use a vehicle fitted with a roof rack for the same. While you wander on the roads of Spain, this roof rack basket would help store your luggage and make your journey comfortable.


This country is a wonderland of delicacies. Sushi lovers have to put this country at the top of their food destinations bucket list. Their Wagashi (sweets) are not only drool-worthy but also Instagram-worthy. Japan has a wide variety of traditional as well as modern restaurants for the foodies to choose from.


Indian food is a potpourri of flavours and aromas. The exquisite thing about Indian food is that each of India’s states has its distinctive cuisine and style of eating. You need to take your time in this country and explore the cuisines of its different states. While in India, do not miss out on experiences like the Pani Puri and Jalebi.

The best part about India as a foodie destination is that there is something for everyone. You could eat out at the fanciest 5-star restaurants or enjoy delectable food right off the streets. It can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you like. Naturally occurring fruits or human-made delicacies, you decide!

Saudi Arabia

The best part about Saudi Arabian food is that it is appealing to all. It is neither bland nor too spicy. The delicacies from this country will suit the palates of the youngest to the oldest foodies. Saudi Arabia is also famous for its hospitality. The world is only now beginning to explore and understand the Saudi food and culture. If you are open to new and exquisite food experiences, you could even try Dhab lizard (Spiny-tailed desert lizard) that is considered a delicacy here.


This country entices foodies with delicious food to be had while overlooking spectacular landscapes. It’s a food paradise for lovers of olives and feta cheese. Chefs in this country incorporate olive oil in most dishes. They also try to use the freshest of ingredients, so the end product is remarkable and enjoyable. Souvlaki is an iconic food item from this country that is a must-try for all foodies.


As a foodie destination, Australia has a lot to offer. The food in this country has a variety of cultural influences. You could enjoy gourmet dishes at one of the many different restaurants. It is possible to devour fresh seafood by the harbor or even DIY it in the Australian style with fresh ingredients.


The food in this country will even appeal to the pickiest eaters. For the foodies, it is a place worthy of a pilgrimage for the palate. The food here is almost addictive. You could enjoy Royal Thai food, but the street food in this country is equally worthy of your attention.


This country has what it takes to make you feel gastronomic euphoria. Italy’s cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in the world with sufficient reason. Italy’s Parmesan Cheese, balsamic vinegar, and cured meats have little competition around the world.


The country which gave birth to the most distinguished school of culinary and pastry arts has a place in this list with good reason. French desserts are quite popular throughout the world. While in France, don’t miss out on baguettes, profiteroles, éclairs, macarons, and croissants. This country produces master chefs for the world. The cooking and baking processes involve many intricacies, but the end product is always outstanding. A visit to this nation is a must for any serious foodie once in his/her lifetime.

It is time to get your passport ready for a journey that will satisfy your taste buds. Visit one of these when you are willing to indulge. There won’t be any scope, time, or willpower for calorie counting once you reach any of the foodie destinations.

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