This hypocrisy

This hypocrisy to rescue top and big corporations for their faults to the ultimate collapse or being close to the ‘Great Depression’ scenario by injecting $700 billion into the tunnel is now probably on the U-turn. FBI started to probe for possible corporate frauds intentionally done by some of the biggest companies in U.S, Reuters report.

Although it’s still in its primary stage but FBI interference means something different, possibly also a relief of public anxiety as many hidden stories could see the light now. The four biggest and by the time well know companies are Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG (American International Group Inc). So all are big fishes that are now in the net of the law enforcement department of America.

The about $1 trillion plan simply means that the U.S Government will buy the ‘toxic debts’ or bad mortgages from these companies that these financial institutions could not sell or could not make any head or tail out. And how to balance the budget? Much simpler – the taxpayers will bear the load. So the ‘Great politician’ has solved the problem, now sit in the Oval Office with a smile!!

But President Bush has really nothing to bear on his shoulder. Soon is the election and then the new Government will break its head with the problem already sowed by him.

But why mass people have to carry the load that they did not commit. Why not to use this $1 trillion to fight poverty, diseases and unemployment. It’s possible to change the present face of Earth only with this one trillion if it would be used for the universal purpose.

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