There are nine million bicycles in Beijing……

Although it’s the gas price to blame, but it’s a great move – bicycles!! More people are using the two-wheelers. Good for the environment, good for health. There are about 18 million sales a year over the last few years in US. That’s a smart number.

In developed countries bicycles are getting popular again and will possibly take over the fuel engines in the coming decades. It’s not hard to ride a bike if the school, uni or workplace is within 4 km or even longer. It’s also a fun (let us say when the weather is nice).

In developing countries (Bangladesh for example) road safety is a major issue for not using bikes although till 80s bikes were more common in the main roads and now only can be found outside the major cities. Also the consciousness about climate changes is not well understood in developing countries. This needs more attention from private and government sectors to workout plans to talk to public about it as it’s a vital issue for healthy survival.

But now let’s hear the song from Katie Melua: There are nine million byclcles in Beijing, That’s a fact……………

News Source: Yahoo!News

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