Bought but never touched = £6 billion

Guardian reports that Britons waste about 10 billion pound sterling worth of food a year. 60% or £6 billion worth of food is never opened at all but simply thrown away. Decomposition of organic wastes (food as an example) will release CO2 to the environment, which is one of the major concerns of climate changes. This is about Britain but what about other countries?

One of the reasons for such huge amount of wastes is the misjudgement of how much does one really needs to eat. Someone to blame??Yes! – advertisements . Ads are the main reasons why we buy so much that we don’t consume at all. The beautiful, colourful ads are expanding from day to day and alluring the buyers to spend more money for what they really don’t need.

As the report says average family wastes about £610 a year. The unopened fraction includes yoghurts, chickens, ready meals etc. The untouched fraction includes food cooked but never eaten completely, therefore found ways to the bins.

It’s appreciating to report such things as it will make us all aware about the amount we really need to consume. Also for the environment. At the same time, it is not always possible to judge accurately of how much we want. Once we eat more, once less. This is also not a fixed budget. Therefore there will be always a portion of the food and other household things that will go to the bins. But being aware than what we have done yesterday, can save a lot of resources. That will be the success of this reporting.

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