The Last Green Journey

Week before CNN broadcased the news of growing interest about ‘green funeral’.

A ‘green funeral’ here means that rather than a traditional coffin, a person when die will be buried in ‘eco-friendly’ coffin.

Eco-friendly coffin!!??

– yes you heard it right.

These coffins are completely biodegradable. One such popular type is ‘Ecopod’ made of recycled newspaper. So the coffin will degrade biologically and harmonious to the environment. We can say this is ‘21st-Century-Style Burial’. Will it be different in the next century?

Don’t forget that anaerobic degradation (when oxygen is absent in the environment) can produce methane, a biogas, that is now looked for as one of the alternative energy sources. Developed countries are now using biological wastes to generate methane to produce electricity.

That means if in hundred years all the cemeteries turn into a biogas production fields, it will not be a big surprise 🙂 .

The news also tells that in U.S funeral generates annually about $11 billion in revenue. U.S has a population of about 300 million. What about China and India. Both have more than one billion human-bodies and how much they generate for their country.

From birth to death we are in a ‘cycle of trade’. Birth of a child is expensive so the death of a loving one. But it all keeps things running. In fact it’s all about money. But what stands out of it is our contribution. Even if we die, we contribute. To whom? To our next generation.

Our last celestial journey is now more environment-friendly, green or may be even blue as the ultimate view upwards is blue.

Bravo 🙂 .

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