The Election Basar 2016 – Good bye Hillary Clinton!

Democrats need a new candidate, desperately. A sick Hillary Clinton offers no prospect even for a head-to-head competition with the Republican candidate Donald Trump, let alone if there’s any chance to winning the November election.

Mrs. Clinton is suffering from severe health problems. It’s continuous and worsening.

Clinton’s health problems first took headlines in December 2012, when she fainted at her home and hit her head suffering a concussion, a traumatic brain injury that can temporarily disrupt brain functions.

But yesterday’s event when she abruptly left the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and was almost about to fall down while approaching to get into her van, unless the secret service agents would have moved immediately to help her leading into the van, is a sign of something ‘very ominous’ concerning her health.

*Video Source: YouTube

She can’t be in ‘anyway’ America’s president, where she has to deal with internal and international affairs/problems 24 hours a day. In her case, Mrs. Clinton will constantly need to be under medical check-up and will be often on medical leave. So she will not be the chief executive of her admistration. Others, specially ‘opportunists’ will make the best use of her situation, she will only remain president on papers, a puppet, whose holy task will be to sign the bills and declaring wars, mainly against third-world countries, which will be clearly difficult with Donald Trump who already said will be focusing more on internal issues. That what Americans need right now.

So to Make America Great Again, you will need Donlad Trump, while

to Make America Worse Again, you can vote for Hillary Clinton.

PS1. It will be wise if Mrs. Clinton withdrwas her candidacy spontaneously.

PS2. She will be always cited as an example of a ‘career politician’ whose ‘Karma’ and ‘Greed’ ruined the last chapter, where she lost the chances to take the ‘Chair’ of US President.


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