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Researchers Find Way to Make Traffic Models More Efficient

Models that predict traffic volume for specific times and places are used to inform everything from traffic-light patterns to the app on your phone that tells you how to get from Point A to Point B. Researchers from North Carolina State University have now demonstrated a method that reduces the computational complexity of these models, making them operate more efficiently. (more…)

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Red Light Cameras Critical to Public Safety, MU Traffic Researcher Finds

*Evaluation of numerous automated traffic studies indicate safety benefits outweigh drawbacks*

COLUMBIA, Mo. ­— As automated traffic monitoring systems such as red light cameras keep a law enforcement “eye” on the streets across the country, many drivers accuse city governments of installing the monitors as a way to generate revenue. New research from the University of Missouri says the safety benefits of automated traffic monitoring systems far outweigh the potential for abuse. (more…)

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