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UA Licenses Tunable Laser Technology to Startup TPhotonics

A new laser being commercialized puts out spectrally tunable light, from ultraviolet to far infrared.

The University of Arizona has licensed a new tunable laser technology invented in the College of Optical Sciences to startup TPhotonics Inc. While most lasers produce beams of a single or highly limited range of wavelength, the technology allows for devices that can produce a beam and tweak its wavelength on the fly. (more…)

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UCLA researchers create nanoscale structure for computer chips that could yield higher-performance memory

Researchers at UCLA have created a nanoscale magnetic component for computer memory chips that could significantly improve their energy efficiency and scalability.

The design brings a new and highly sought-after type of magnetic memory one step closer to being used in computers, mobile electronics such as smart phones and tablets, as well as large computing systems for big data. The innovative asymmetric structure allows it to better exploit electrons’ spin and orbital properties, making it much more power efficient than today’s computer memory. (more…)

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