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To Restore Trust in Online Transactions, Retailers Need to Develop a Virtual Handshake

Consumers and online retailers would benefit from a common process to resolve disputes and increase trust, MU legal expert says

COLUMBIA, Mo. – At one time, transactions between merchants and consumers were often sealed with a handshake. This handshake was more than a kind gesture—it helped reassure both parties that the other was committed to the deal and would correct any problems. As more transactions occur online, finding fair and efficient resolution of problems that arise can be challenging. In a new book, a University of Missouri legal expert says it’s in the best interest of both retailers and consumers to establish a new virtual handshake to bring trust back into such interactions. (more…)

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All HIV not created equal: Scientists believe they can identify which viruses cause infection

ANN ARBOR — HIV-infected people carry many different HIV viruses and all have distinct personalities—some much more vengeful and infectious than others.

Yet, despite the breadth of infectivity, roughly 76 percent of HIV infections arise from a single virus. Now, scientists believe they can identify the culprit with very specific measurements of the quantities of a key protein in the HIV virus. (more…)

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