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For student musicians at Brown, vibrant interest in music production makes for a perfect mix

At Brown, first-year student Chance Emerson finds opportunity to explore wide-ranging academic interests and pursue musical collaborations while perfecting his first full-length album, “The Raspberry Men.”

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Chance Emerson had been at Brown for barely two weeks when he learned firsthand the power of the perfect sound mix. (more…)

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Ein blaues Wunder

Die Methode des Blaudruckes gewann Ende des 17. Jahrhunderts große Bedeutung in Europas Textilverarbeitung. Beatrix Nutz vom Institut für Archäologien hat das Handwerk in Nord-, Ost- und Südtirol genauer untersucht. Unterstützt von der Firma Durst Phototechnik erforschte sie acht Monate lang das alte Handwerk des Blaudruckes. (more…)

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