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Novel Initiatives Taken by International Airline to Control the Covid-19

After the resumption of international flights declared by the Civil Aviation Ministry, all the international airways have issued their SOP’s to control COVID-19 and the safe traveling of passengers. It is reported by the CVA, not allowing any person to get entered into the airports without the confirmation on web check-in. whereas, no physical registration is permitted at any counters of the airports. Before pandemic, it was quite easy to get cheap flights, but it’s currently hard to get them economically. By maintaining the distance between seats and high precautionary measures, the COVID-19 has wholly changed the rate of demand-supply and the overall expenses of air flights. (more…)

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Coexisting in a Sea of Competition

Similar Diatom Species Seek Out Nutrients in Different Ways

Diversity of life abounds on Earth, and there’s no need to look any farther than the ocean’s surface for proof. There are over 200,000 species of phytoplankton alone, and all of those species of microscopic marine plants that form the base of the marine food web need the same basic resources to grow—light and nutrients. (more…)

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