Novel Initiatives Taken by International Airline to Control the Covid-19

After the resumption of international flights declared by the Civil Aviation Ministry, all the international airways have issued their SOP’s to control COVID-19 and the safe traveling of passengers. It is reported by the CVA, not allowing any person to get entered into the airports without the confirmation on web check-in. whereas, no physical registration is permitted at any counters of the airports. Before pandemic, it was quite easy to get cheap flights, but it’s currently hard to get them economically. By maintaining the distance between seats and high precautionary measures, the COVID-19 has wholly changed the rate of demand-supply and the overall expenses of air flights.

Following are the initiatives are taken by International Airlines to control the COVID-19: 

1- Provision of Personal Protected Kits

To manage the COVID-19, airlines are providing unique Personal Protected Kits, face masks, wipes, sanitizers, Face/eye mask, separate or combined, disposable gloves, apron, large absorbent towel, Bio-degradable waste bags, to the passengers. The temperature is checked with the sound equipment and through trained human resources provided by the airport operators. Even the masks and sanitizers are offered at various airport points to make them available to everybody. 

2- Report airport before time

It is requested by most airlines to the passengers to come to the airport two hours before the flight. The boarding of flight is commenced one hour before the trip. And the boarding gate is mostly closed 20 minutes before the parting. Passengers with special needs are also required to cover their items protectively, and their wheelchairs are also pre-sanitized. 

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3- No food in flight 

There are no more food items offered inflight to avoid contacts. Passengers are allowed to bring their food items themselves. The shops of Food & Beverages are opened at airports by following the Standard Operating Procedures and other precautionary measures of COVID-19. Newspapers and any other such products are not allowed within the premise of the terminal building. 

4- Walkthrough thermal screening

It is a must for customers to walk through the thermal screening zone before stepping into the airport’s terminal buildings. It is obligated on every passenger to maintain a distance of 6 feet, at the time of boarding and de-boarding. Even at boarding gates, the passengers should be allowed to wait in batches based on their seating arrangement to avoid cross-moving airplanes. 

5- Allergic employees, not allowed

Any employees suffering through any allergy, flu, cough, or nausea are not allowed to be taken on duty or even to the airport/office. And the social distancing needs to be maintained within the employees to avoid any physical contact. Passengers are also examined pre-hand to analyze their health conditions even some airline demands the negative COVID-19 test to make sure about the health conditions.

6- Recommendations by the cabin crew

It is recommended by the cabin crew to the passengers to inform the management beforehand if feeling unwell. And they ask the passengers to fill the passenger locator forms to identify passengers’ seats and information concerning their immediate travel plans and contact details. The passengers are also provided with sick bags and hand sanitizer at the time of boarding. 


COVID-19 has changed the perspective of the whole world. Things that used to seem very easy have become as tricky as anything, and the worst part is that we cannot even do anything about it. Traveling was never an issue. We were free to go out and book a ticket whenever we want. But so is not the case now. The lockdowns, due to the pandemic, has made everything very complicated. Every aspect has changed now, likewise in the case of airlines. That is why you must be very well aware of the changes in laws and regulations. It will help you get a good idea about where you stand and how you have to take the things. 

By getting good know-how of the travel laws, you can manage your trips accordingly. It will save both of your time and money. Next time you think of traveling on the plane, be sure of your country’s condition and its airlines’ regulations. It will help you a lot, for sure.

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