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Women are ostracised by unfounded witchcraft labels

Witchcraft labels are a mechanism to harm female competitors and profoundly affect the structure of social networks, according to new UCL-led research.

The study, published in Nature Human Behaviour and funded by the European Research Council, quantifies the impact of witchcraft labels, such as ‘zhu’ used in rural China, on communities including their influence on social life and how social networks are structured. (more…)

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Deceptive-looking vortex line in superfluid led to twice-mistaken identity

So long, solitons: University of Chicago physicists have shown that a group of scientists were incorrect when they concluded that a mysterious effect found in superfluids indicated the presence of solitons—exotic, solitary waves. Instead, they explain, the result was due to more pedestrian, whirlpool-like structures in the fluid. They published their explanation in the Sept. 19 issue of Physical Review Letters. (more…)

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