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CoroNotes: Neue App unterstützt medizinische Studien zu COVID-19

Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler des Tübinger Kompetenzzentrums für Machine Learning haben zusammen mit Medizinerinnen und Mediziner der Uniklinik Tübingen eine App entwickelt, die anhand von anonymen Gesundheitsdaten zu einem besseren Verständnis des neuartigen Coronavirus beiträgt. (more…)

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New Design Tool for Metamaterials

Berkeley Lab Study Shows How to Predict Metamaterial Nonlinear Optical Properties

Metamaterials – artificial nanostructures engineered with electromagnetic properties not found in nature – offer tantalizing future prospects such as high resolution optical microscopes and superfast optical computers. To realize the vast potential of metamaterials, however, scientists will need to hone their understanding of the fundamental physics behind them. This will require accurately predicting nonlinear optical properties – meaning that interaction with light changes a material’s properties, for example, light emerges from the material with a different frequency than when it entered. Help has arrived. (more…)

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