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Freezing Electrons in Flight

Using the world’s fastest laser pulses, which can freeze the ultrafast motion of electrons and atoms, UA physicists have caught the action of molecules breaking apart and electrons getting knocked out of atoms. Their research helps us better understand molecular processes and ultimately be able to control them in many possible applications.

In 1878, a now iconic series of photographs instantly solved a long-standing mystery: Does a galloping horse touch the ground at all times? (It doesn’t.) The images of Eadweard Muybridge taken alongside a racetrack marked the beginning of high-speed photography.

Approximately 134 years later, researchers in the University of Arizona department of physics have solved a similar mystery, one in which super-excited oxygen molecules have replaced the horse, and ultrafast, high-energy laser flashes have replaced Muybridge’s photo emulsion plates. (more…)

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Motion Sensors Detect Horse Lameness Earlier Than Veterinarians, MU Study Finds

MU-developed “Lameness Locator” system helps diagnose lameness sooner, makes treatment easier

COLUMBIA, Mo. ­— The most common ailment to affect a horse is lameness. A University of Missouri equine veterinarian has developed a way to detect this problem using a motion detection system called the “Lameness Locator.” Now, Kevin Keegan, a professor of equine surgery in the College of Veterinary Medicine at MU, has found that his Lameness Locator can detect lameness earlier than veterinarians using the traditional method of a subjective eye test. (more…)

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New Morgan Spurlock Show Debuts on Yahoo! Screen

“Failure Club” Documents Seven People Helping Each Other Overcome Their Fear of Failure

SUNNYVALE, Calif.– What would you do differently if you could remove the fear of failure from your life? “Failure Club,” (https://screen.yahoo.com/women/failure-club/) a new web show on Yahoo! produced by and featuring Morgan Spurlock, asks that question of seven people and brings them together to achieve the things they’ve only dreamed of.

In this docudrama web show, the members will meet every week over a year to help each other achieve the things they’ve only dreamed of — the stay-at-home mom who wants to start her own business, the market researcher who wants to become a stand-up comic, the 55 year old mother of a teenage daughter, who literally wants to get back on the horse and become an Equestrian, and others. Each member of the Failure Club will try and some will fail, but the journey will change them forever. (more…)

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