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Tuberculosis Study Launched, Powered By Citizen Scientists on IBM’s World Community Grid

Crowdsourced research project led by University of Nottingham will help scientists better understand and address one of world’s deadliest diseases

ARMONK, NY & NOTTINGHAM, UK – 24 Mar 2016: IBM’s World Community Grid and scientists at the University of Nottingham are launching a study to address tuberculosis, one of the world’s most deadly diseases. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of volunteers will donate vast computing resources to aid this effort facilitated by IBM. (more…)

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A new twist for better steel

In steel making, two desirable qualities — strength and ductility — tend to be at odds: Stronger steel is less ductile, and more ductile steel is not as strong. Engineers at Brown University, three Chinese universities, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have shown that when cylinders of steel are twisted, their strength is improved without sacrificing ductility.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Researchers from Brown University and universities in China have found a simple technique that can strengthen steel without sacrificing ductility. The new technique, described in Nature Communications, could produce steel that performs better in a number of structural applications. (more…)

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