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Forscher der Universität Wien entwickeln neue Software für die Europäische Südsternwarte (ESO)

Kalibrierung astronomischer Beobachtungsdaten optimiert Datenreduktionspipeline

Ohne Kalibrierung können astronomische Beobachtungsdaten nicht wissenschaftlich ausgewertet werden. Forscher um Astrophysiker Werner Zeilinger und Mathematiker Hans Georg Feichtinger, beide Universität Wien, entwickelten im Auftrag der Europäischen Südsternwarte (ESO) spezielle Softwaremodule für eine weitgehend automatisierte Kalibrierung. Diese neue Software, die in Datenreduktionspipelines der ESO Anwendung finden wird, filtert erfolgreich und effizient Verzerrungen aus Bildern heraus, die im optischen und infraroten Wellenlängenbereich aufgenommen wurden. (more…)

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Green Revolution 2: Apps for Farmers

Doing paperwork has proven to be unsustainable but also entirely cumbersome in recent years given the multiplication of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. From Australia to America, Canada to Kenya, a paradigm shift towards cloud computing is being felt in the world and this could only expedite the clamor for less paper consumption.

Tradespersons have progressively depended on cloud-based applications to manage invoicing, bookkeeping and other jobs instead of filling their dashboards with unnecessary clutter. In particular, most farmers have looked and used the Cloud for a chance to turn a profit and save the earth all at the same time. (more…)

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Study: An Apple a Day Lowers Level of Blood Chemical Linked to Hardening of the Arteries

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Eating an apple a day might in fact help keep the cardiologist away, new research suggests.

In a study of healthy, middle-aged adults, consumption of one apple a day for four weeks lowered by 40 percent blood levels of a substance linked to hardening of the arteries.

Taking capsules containing polyphenols, a type of antioxidant found in apples, had a similar, but not as large, effect. (more…)

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Teaching using Technology

UD prof engages students with Facebook Groups and Google Sites

Phillip Penix-Tadsen, assistant professor of foreign languages and literatures at the University of Delaware, is reaching his students at new levels inside and outside the classroom. The spring 2012 semester was the first time Penix-Tadsen required the use of Facebook Groups by all his students to increase engagement and participation.

“That virtual space builds a kind of community for the class that leads into the in-class interactions. Students get to know one another in the Facebook Group, which leads to stronger class conversations and discussions,” Penix-Tadsen said. (more…)

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