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How Biological Research Can be Transformed

One of the research teams from The University of Texas, Austin, has successfully demonstrated an all-new process of protein sequencing that happens to be more sensitive than the already-existing technology. Moreover, such a way also helps identify molecules of an individual protein, instead of processing a million molecules simultaneously. The new biological advancement proves to be impactful in the field of research. It also makes it efficient and competent enough to disclose the latest biomarkers to diagnose cancer and many other diseases. Furthermore, they also enhance the primary understanding of the way healthy cells function. (more…)

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Common Antifungal Drug Decreases Tumor Growth and Shows Promise as Cancer Therapy

AUSTIN, Texas — An inexpensive antifungal drug, thiabendazole, slows tumor growth and shows promise as a chemotherapy for cancer. Scientists in the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin made this discovery by exploiting the evolutionary relatedness of yeast, frogs, mice and humans.

Thiabendazole is an FDA-approved, generic drug taken orally that has been in clinical use for 40 years as an antifungal. It is not currently used for cancer therapy.

Hye Ji Cha, Edward Marcotte, John Wallingford and colleagues found that the drug destroys newly established blood vessels, making it a “vascular disrupting agent.” Their research was published in the journal PLoS Biology. (more…)

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