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No eyes? No problem. Worms still avoid the blues

Worms don’t like the blues. At least not the blue-tinged toxic bacteria that are common in the environments where they live. But how does a bacteria-foraging worm — without eyes, photoreceptors, or the opsin genes that help animals perceive color — know to avoid the toxic, blue-reflecting bacterium known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa? (more…)

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Genetic Study of ‘Co-Evolution’ Could Provide Clues to Better Food Production

Evolutionary ‘arms race’ between caterpillars and cabbage plants helped form present-day butterfly and plant species

COLUMBIA, Mo. – In 1964, renowned biologists Peter Raven and Paul Erhlich published a landmark study that introduced the concept of co-evolution. Using butterflies and plants as primary examples, the team determined that two species can reciprocally drive each other’s evolution and development. Now, an international team of researchers led by the University of Missouri and Stockholm University has used cutting-edge genomics to analyze the co-evolution theory and identified the mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon. Scientists believe that understanding how co-evolution works could help provide genetic clues for producing heartier plants and food for a growing global population. (more…)

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