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How Customers Can Make Their Next Photoshoot Really Fun and Special

Is photography one of those activities that provide you money? If you have customers who are looking forward to getting that best photo from you, there is a need for you to really check on your styles and techniques. Just like travel photography and other forms, you have to invest not only on good equipment but also on some ideas that will make people appreciate your business. Whether you are providing photography service for birthdays or other events, here are some of the different ways on how you can make photoshoots really fun and special for your customers: (more…)

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Len Peters: Preparing for the Technological Future

In a recent Town Hall meeting with staff in Information Technology Services (ITS) and IT partners from across campus, Yale’s Chief Information Officer Len Peters pointed out some of the technological changes that have taken place in the past 10 years — listing facts that might make some of today’s students think he was talking about an ancient world.

Just a decade ago, he noted, text messaging and smart phones weren’t being used on campuses (although nearly 70% of students had cell phones), and less than 30% of students had some form of wireless computer setup. (more…)

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To Boost Customer Satisfaction, Business Owners Should Pay Attention to Employee Job Satisfaction, MU Business Researcher Finds

COLUMBIA, Mo. ­— Previous studies have shown that customer satisfaction plays a key role in the health and future success of any company. When customers are satisfied, they keep coming back to the same store and invite their friends to do the same. Now, a new study from the University of Missouri has found that CEOs who pay attention to employees’ job satisfaction are able to boost both customer satisfaction and “repurchase intentions,” or the number of customers that intend to purchase products from the store. (more…)

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