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The ‘Breaking Bad’ Syndrome? UCLA anthropologist exposes the moral side of violence

To the extent that their heinous behavior can be understood, murders, wife beaters, gang bangers and other violent criminals are acting out of a breakdown of morals, right? Not so fast, say social scientists from UCLA and Northwestern University.

In a new book, Alan Page Fiske and Tage Shakti Rai ascribe most acts of violence to a truly surprising impulse: the desire to do the right thing. (more…)

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Stress, Substance Abuse Associated With Some Fathers Spanking Their Children

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Biological fathers are more likely to spank their children when they are unable to cope with stress from parenting or they use abuse alcohol and drugs, a new study indicates.

The study also finds that fathers used corporal punishment—which involves physical force to a child to correct a behavior—more often on boys than girls. (more…)

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